I’ve been playing and vibrating energy in the form of music since I was in middle school starting with classical music through the violin. Einstein was known to love playing the violin as well and there’s been discoveries between scientific breakthroughs and art.

Art seems to have a peculiar way of connecting disparate parts of the brain that typically don’t work in correspondence. This isn’t just the musing of philosophers in a liberal arts classroom — the topic is quickly becoming an established field of neuroscience.

In college I got turntables after hanging out with friends who liked to DJ and got rapidly addicted to it and to all other digital forms of acoustic rhythm creation. I’ve always used my computer for everything then I started using it for music — production, remixing, DJing, recording, browsing, shopping.

I was got the opportunity to work with the music industry and helping artists around the planet by getting involved with the founding team at Music.com, and building various technologies and ventures such as NextGen.fm, I also became an amateur DJ & enthusiast producer of house and techno music and even organized club DJ events at some of the best night clubs in Washington, DC between 2005 and 2009.

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