Essential TabletPC tools and software

So I’ve been yapping about touch screen technologies a lot this year (Apple iPhone, Microsoft Surface, Jeff Han’s Multi-touch) and you may have enjoyed the essential tools I’ve posted for Apple’s iPhone but I thought that my fellow TabletPC friends out there could enjoy some of the tools and resources that I’ve been enjoying on my TabletPC.

Also if you’re not yet a TabletPC lover and are thinking about getting a laptop PC in the near future, I recommend you review and compare the prices / features of your choice notebooks and also the top TabletPC’s out there. I own the Lenovo Thinkpad X61 TabletPC which I believe to be the best TabletPC out there by far in comparison to the others.

Now here are your tools. Enjoy!
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Flexible Display Technology Getting Close

Sony has unveiled it’s razor-thin bendable OLED display technology at an academic symposium in Long Beach, California, for the Society for Information Display this week, the Japanese electronics and entertainment company said. Sony has developed a 
razor-thin display that bends like paper while showing full-colour video OLED also delivers a bright 1,000:1 contrast ratio for the small screen area and provides near-instant response times for video. This all is achieved with a panel only 0.3mm (0.01 inches) thick at its bulkiest point, Sony boasts. The combination of Sony’s organic thin film transistor, or TFT, technology which is required to make flexible displays, with organic electroluminescent display technology yields one possibility for flexible display technology to become reality. This definitely marks a breakthrough since you could wear it on your wrist like a watch or on your clothes and you can even drop it without fear of it breaking.