The World’s Areas Most Affected by Large Flood Events

One of the most destructive threats out there is flooding and the most at risk are major cities along the coast as well as inland. As we’ve seen with the latest Louisiana flooding this month. Record-setting rainfall and flooding in southern Louisiana have been calculated at NASA with data from satellites. The rains were so heavy that one meteorologist referred to the event as a “rain bomb” on Twitter. An extremely severe rainfall event hit the states of Louisiana and southern Mississippi when a very slow moving low pressure system continuously pulled tropical moisture from the Gulf of Mexico.

This disaster is being called the worst natural disaster since Hurricane Sandy, it might make sense to be informed by knowing where the most flood risks are so I am posting about some tools that might be of benefit to others.

NASA has recently analyzed the Louisana flooding

NOAA’s Sea Level Rise Viewer is a web mapping tool to visualize community-level impacts from coastal flooding or sea level rise (up to 6 feet above average high tides). Photo simulations of how future flooding might impact local landmarks are also provided, as well as data related to water depth, connectivity, flood frequency, socio-economic vulnerability, wetland loss and migration, and mapping confidence.

NOAA Sea Level Rise Viewer

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The costliest US floods (credit CNN) :

Hurricane Katrina in 2005: $16.3 billion

Superstorm Sandy in 2012: $8.3 billion

Hurricane Ike in 2008: $2.7 billion

Hurricane Ivan in 2004: $1.6 billion

Hurricane Irene in 2011: $1.3 billion

Source: Federal Emergency Management Agency

The following maps from Caliper Maptitude maps help to illustrate the regions most at risk to flood threats.

World Map

Maptitude map of areas affected by flooding events 2001-2016

United States

Maptitude map of North America areas affected by flooding events 2001-2016


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A New Theoretical Model for time travel being imagined

Technion Israel Institute of Technology researchers have developed a theoretical model of a time machine that, in the distant future, could possibly enable future generations to travel into the past. An article on this research was published last week in the scientific journal Physical Review.

By tweaking Einstein’s space time and general relativity models these researchers are becoming more confident with the idea of travelling back in time, something that most scientists believe to be improbable because of the paradoxes and other reasons that could happen if one did so. Curving space time, as is the basis for wormholes to travel instantaneously from one point in space to another, is the basis for this research. So instead of going to another space point in your time, you go from your point in time to another point in time.
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Atom scale teleportation on the verge of reality

A recent Engadget article suggests that a team of Australian physicists have come up with a simple-sounding method of teleporting atoms by bringing the matter to near absolute zero temperatures. This doesn’t seem feasible for humans yet but maybe it could be for non-living matter (supplies, goods, etc) in the near future!

Man was Gene Roddenberry (Star Trek creator) way ahead of his time!


Look mom no more wires : Wireless Power Transfer

A team from MIT call this wireless power transfer invention ‘WiTricity’ and believe it could change the way we use electricity and do away with the tangle of cables, plugs and chargers that clutter modern homes.

I predicted that this technology could be feasible one day when I was doing my bachelor’s in electrical engineering back in the 90’s.
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Discovery of water on extra-solar planet

An artist’s impression of the transiting exoplanet (credit: ESA) Using NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope and transit analysis in the infrared spectrum, a gas giant of the size of Jupiter has spectral properties which scientists conclusively confirmed that water vapour exists in the sphere. Although the chance of life as we know it on the planet is improbable as the orbit is very close to the star.

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Professor proposes theory of unparticle physics

Credit: Benoit Mandelbrot, Fractals. Howard Georgi, a physicist at Harvard University, has recently published a paper on so-called unparticle physics, which suggests the existence of ‘unparticle stuff’ that cannot be accounted for by the standard model. Appearing in a recent edition of Physical Review Letters, the paper says that unparticle stuff would be very different than anything seen before.

Unparticles, but not particles, can fit in a theory that has the property of continuous scale-invariance, which is difficult to visualize. A fractal, like this Koch Curve, is an example of discrete scale-invariance because it looks the same if multiplied by a fixed number. Credit: Benoit Mandelbrot, Fractals.

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New Quantum Communication record : 90 miles

In Spain’s Canary Island chain, researchers from all over Europe generated a polarization-entagled photon pair with the twin sent over an optical free-space link to Tenerife about 144 kilometers (90 mi) away where the Ground Station of the European Space Agency acted as a receiver. Previously 13km was the record on similar experiments. Quantum Entanglement

Quantum entanglement is a property of particles, such as photons, to become entangled with each other, behaving like psychically connected twins. Even at vast distances a disturbance on one affects the other. This was even predicted and labelled “spooky interaction” by Albert Einstein himself.

If this technology continues on these records, we could be seeing satellite-based quantum communication and experiments on quantum physics in space in addition to ubiquitous instantanenous communication across light years. Think of the instantaneous communication in the Star Trek TV shows over many light years.


The physics missing link ? More dimensions of Time ?!?

With the vast number of physicists attempting to prove String and M-Theory, there are a few who believe the reason why those two theories will prove elusive to confirm is because there are possibly more than one dimensions related to Time. So you’re probably thinking that this is way out there, and I do agree. I try to keep up to date on such scientific news due to the fact that these ideas represent the thoughts of many who believe that there is more than just the laws that we know. In a way Bhuddist scholars and philosophists have been insisting this for long time, like Alan Watts. Understanding things or everything, in my opinion, is the very implication of Bhuddist and other eastern philosophies.

By trying to understand more than just what we see, in a way we come closer to understanding our own nature as in the fact that our own materialistic bodies and objects derive from this universe we live in.

And whether it’s a Bhuddist monk or a world reknowned applied physicists, why shouldn’t we seek to gain knowledge. Gaining knowledge has improved the quality of our lives throughout time, seeking this physical knowledge and even deeper spirituality should be at the core of all of us, regardless of what faith you follow, it’s universally applicable. Hopefully in our own evolution we can seek knowledge in peace and harmony rather than violence and chaos (another core idealogy from eastern philosophies).


2 Billion Year Old Cluster Collision proves Dark Matter exists

NASA: Hubble Telescope Finds Ring of Dark MatterUS Astronomers using NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope have been observing a star cluster CL0024+17 which is approximately 5 billion light years from Earth and running repeaded simulations to show that the observations yield the best proof to date of the existance of dark matter. Dark matter, a mysterious substance believed to make up more than a quarter of the universe and is suspected to be the glue that holds entire gallaxies together, is usually impossible to see directly. Light bending measurements from areas suspected of dark matter in the past have given indirect proof of dark matter. Now scientists believe they have lucked out with the perfect timing.

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