The fun begins on the iPhone

Aug 7, 2007

Here are some great tools, tweaks, hacks, and other cool stuff for your iPhone.

I’ll probably be posting more stuff like this so stay tuned.

If anyone has any good tools that may be useful, feel free to drop a comment with the url(s).
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Music encourages brain to pay attention and make predictions

Aug 1, 2007

A research team from the Standford University School of Medicine has gained valuable insight into how the brain sorts out the chaotic world around it. The team showed that music engages the areas of the brain involved with paying attention, making predictions and updating the event in memory.
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My Mixes on Itunes & PodCast Networks

Apr 2, 2007

Hey all you PodCast lovers… Try typing in my name ‘Omar Uddin’ or ‘Pimp Hand’ into Itunes music store.. and subscribe to the Pimp Hand Productions podcast, serving you old and new mixes from selected artists around the nation (including myself of course). You can also click this Itunes link to get to the pod cast.

Leave a comment or even go to the Pimp Hand Productions site to rate the mixes yourself and let others know what you think about the Pimp Hand DJs and mixes.