About Me

Doing useful things for the future of humanity.

Entrepreneur, executive, technologist, engineer & inventor with over 20 years of experience spanning public & private sectors building smart, scalable & secure technology solutions.

Founded over 10 startups.

Multiple patent pending inventions related to AI.

Helped build several technology companies eventually resulting in acquisitions by Fortune 500 companies.

Contributor on upcoming book “Disaster Resilience Management of Infrastructure Systems” to help humanity better prepare for natural disaster impacts on earth.

Recognized along with the leaders of Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Rackspace & others in a ranking of the Top 20 Cloud Solution Providers by CIO Review magazine in 2017.

Advising founders, early stage startups, businesses, government contractors as well as corporations such as Microsoft and Google.

Solving challenging & valuable problems using breakthrough technologies.

Interested in transformative next generation technology solutions to improve people’s lives, benefit businesses & the world.

– AI, Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) & Machine Intelligence
– Sensors, Robotics, Drones, Computer Vision
– Virtual, Augmented & Mixed Reality
– CAD, GIS, Geospatial, Simulations
– Big Data, Analytics & Data Science
– Machine Learning, Deep Learning
– Web, Mobile, IoT & Enterprise Software
– Cloud, SaaS, PaaS & IaaS Platforms
– Risk, Threat & Cybersecurity Solutions
– Blockchain & Crypto-currencies
– Neuromorphic Computing Architecture
– Supercomputing & Quantum Computing
– 3D Printing & Autonomous Manufacturing
– Advanced Energy & Propulsion Technologies
– Nanotechnology & Advanced Materials

I have over 20 years of experience in a wide range of industry sectors both in technical and business roles including enterprise, government, defense, financial, healthcare, security, transportation, manufacturing, engineering, education, supply chain, legal, HR, SaaS, internet commerce, internet marketing, new media, entertainment, real estate, travel & non-profit.

I’m a serial entrepreneur, advisor, inventor & engineer with over 20 years of experience developing solutions spanning consumer, business & enterprise.

It’s kind of hard to believe I’ve had 20 years of experience with consumer and business technology with entrepreneurial, management and technical leadership with distributed cross-functional agile teams. I focus my energy accelerating innovation of next generation technology by bridging gaps between people, business, process & technology. I enjoy helping organizations solve problems, prioritize risks, create value & drive results with technology & innovation. I founded or co-founded over 8 startups in 12 years with hands-on execution from idea to design to engineering to scaling. Rooted from computer science & engineering & serving many key roles – software engineer, web developer, solution architect, consultant, product manager, project manager, inventor, CTO, CEO, mentor & advisor.

I’ve helped develop software, hardware and interactive solutions including in mission critical sectors such as security, defense, regulatory compliance, risk management, e-discovery, healthcare & business intelligence. I make sense of data and develop intelligent systems with AI, machine learning, natural language processing, big data, analytics and data visualization. Previously I’ve also developed solutions in education, e-learning, e-commerce, marketing, travel, real estate & entertainment industries. I’m also interested in HPC, IoT, AR/VR, robotics & nano-technology.

I’m a product guy focused on innovations that improve the way people interact and communicate with each other and discover new information. I like playing with bleeding edge technology & applying it into new situations where anyone can use it without understanding it.

I’ve always been tinkering with technology with a passion and I’ve been fortunate to get to work with great organizations and people in my career which started at a young age. I’ve always been interested in seeing what I can do with technology and my expertise to help myself, others and the world innovate.

I’ve been working with technology since I was 12. Then a language learning video game later even developing mobile embedded Windows CE C++ compiler & 3D graphics engine for PDAs for a Microsoft grant in 1996 in high school. In 1996, I started college level CS classes while in high school at 17 and was involved in Microsoft research to build a mobile PDA C++ compiler for the Windows CE powered Cassiopeia well before any today’s modern ubiquitous smartphone and devices like the iPhone. At the same time, I was taking 500-level 3D graphics theory CS classes and also got into 3D CAD and LISP programming which led to helping with redesigning highway intersections, creating earthquake impact animations based on finite element simulations of earthquakes of New Madrid Fault Line near the Mississippi River.

After starting a bachelor of electrical engineering degree I was also given the privilege and challenge to be in charge of supercomputers and network computer labs. I was often hired by researchers to learn on the job and helped them find faster and better ways to do their job. I even developed custom OpenGL 3D interactive visualization technology in just 3 weeks for researchers seeking to better understand supercomputer simulation result data. In college, I worked on supercomputers & visualizations of finite element analysis & computational fluid dynamics simulations.

I dig data, visualization, technology and innovation. I help businesses simplify, optimize and innovate to create value. I build solutions to help align people, process & business goals. I’m constantly seeking and experimenting with technologies to help me build bigger and better products and ideas. I’ve built and overseen the development of a variety of technology solutions helping organizations connect with their customers and with their workforce. I’ve saved millions of dollars for clients by reducing over-engineering, improving collaboration, helping them be measurably effective.

I care about the environment & have been recognized by the White House for working in joint venture with State of California & NOAA. I also support various groups that work to map, understand & protect the world and it’s oceans.

I like to spend time with my family and friends, play video games, travel, work out and other hobbies include working too much, sci-fi, tennis, photography, travel, golf, cars, DJing, music & of course tweaking technology and experimenting with ideas. I’m a devoted student of life, science, entrepreneurship, and humanity.

Check out my LinkedIn profile for more information.


Early Stage Ventures/Startups/VC
Inventions / IP / Patents
Small Data, Big Data & Open Data
AI/NLP/ML/Deep Learning
Robotics / Drones / Sensors
VR / AR / MR
Data Privacy & Data Security
Security / Risk / Resilience
Health Care
CleanTech / Environment
GovTech / NPTech
Earth, Oceans, Space
Music, DJing & Producing


Software / Internet
Web / Mobile / Desktop
APIs / Web Services
Hybrid Cloud Computing
Private Cloud Computing
Enterprise IT
IoT / IoE


National Security / Defense
Homeland Security
Logistics / Supply Chain
Infrastructure / Transportation
Health Care
Recruiting / HR
Real Estate
Travel / Hospitality
Music / Entertainment

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