Recently, on April 4th, UVision CEO, Omar Uddin, was featured on news TV program of Voice of America.  The recent debate on Facebook in regards to recent data privacy concerns in the political world as well as social media and the recent #deletefacebook movement was the primary topic of discussion.

Major influencers in the tech world such as Co-founder of Apple, Steve Wozniak are stating that they will join the #deletefacebook movement. Mark Zuckerberg will be appearing before Congress this week to testify on the current data privacy news regarding Facebook‘s data sharing policies and practices.   In May 2018, the European Union’s GDPR standard will also be affecting many organizations across the world that store data on EU citizens. In addition, with recent news, more regulation changes in the US are expected to be proposed by Congress and passed to further protect consumer data and tech companies such as Google, Apple and Facebook are bracing for such change.

I was asked to provide his opinions on questions ranging from whether Facebook should have allowed third party developers to access user data in such vast quantities and what Facebook and users should be doing about it further. In addition, I stated, “People don’t read terms of service and privacy policies because they are too long. They should make it easier for consumers and I think change is coming. Also in the news media the #deletefacebook movement is growing and many influential people spreading it and perhaps we don’t need the whole world’s voices to bring about change. Lastly, nothing is free In the world and that people should be aware of what they are signing in to use online.”

The following edited segment video, also posted on Youtube, has English caption subtitles for English viewers benefit.
The full recording of the original broadcast on April 4, 2018 is embedded below. I appeared at around 15:00 minutes.

Thank you to Sabah Shah Khan, Sarah Zaman and the rest of the Voice of America team for featuring us.

Here’s the full length video of the news from April, 4, 2018 broadcast.

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UVision CEO featured in Voice of America News TV program speaking about Facebook privacy issue | UVISION

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