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The World’s Areas Most Affected by Large Flood Events

One of the most destructive threats out there is flooding and the most at risk are major cities along the coast as well as inland. As we’ve seen with the latest Louisiana flooding this month. Record-setting rainfall and flooding in southern Louisiana have been calculated at NASA with data from satellites. The rains were so heavy that one meteorologist referred to the event as a “rain bomb” on Twitter. An extremely severe rainfall event hit the states of Louisiana and southern Mississippi when a very slow moving low pressure system continuously pulled tropical moisture from the Gulf of Mexico.

This disaster is being called the worst natural disaster since Hurricane Sandy, it might make sense to be informed by knowing where the most flood risks are so I am posting about some tools that might be of benefit to others.

NASA has recently analyzed the Louisana flooding

NOAA’s Sea Level Rise Viewer is a web mapping tool to visualize community-level impacts from coastal flooding or sea level rise (up to 6 feet above average high tides). Photo simulations of how future flooding might impact local landmarks are also provided, as well as data related to water depth, connectivity, flood frequency, socio-economic vulnerability, wetland loss and migration, and mapping confidence.

NOAA Sea Level Rise Viewer

Anyone interested in volunteering for this effort should go to

The costliest US floods (credit CNN) :

Hurricane Katrina in 2005: $16.3 billion

Superstorm Sandy in 2012: $8.3 billion

Hurricane Ike in 2008: $2.7 billion

Hurricane Ivan in 2004: $1.6 billion

Hurricane Irene in 2011: $1.3 billion

Source: Federal Emergency Management Agency

The following maps from Caliper Maptitude maps help to illustrate the regions most at risk to flood threats.

World Map

Maptitude map of areas affected by flooding events 2001-2016

United States

Maptitude map of North America areas affected by flooding events 2001-2016

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