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How To Take Some Time Away From Work



Clever Infographics That Tell You To Take Some Time Away From Work

Microsoft Office is a name tinged with enterprise, effort, availability, access, work, excess, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and the smell of cold hard sweat as you travail with the spell checker beneath the office’s fluorescent tubes of doom. Or, well, something like that. A part of its recent campaign, Microsoft’s Office 365 tells people to “get things done anywhere, sunrise to sunset.” The campaign does all but recommend you work in your sleep. “No need to record your favorite show when you can work on the couch,” it says.

In response, 37Signals, the people behind the popular productivity chatroom Campfire, are appealing to the overworked with its own #WorkCanWait campaign that tells you to step away from the computer. “We don’t think it has to be this way. True work-life balance doesn’t have to be a myth. So here’s our Life 365 idea compared to Office 365.”

Brilliant. Love these guys. 

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