Having been a contractor & consultant for many years and knowing many freelancers and other folks just looking for work I figured it might be beneficial for me to share my bookmarks and tips on job hunting in general. Since the recession of 2009 and with 10% unemployment at the time of this post, people need all the opportunities and tips they can get. Although I haven’t had a job in 7 years, there are many times I’ve been asked by friends and colleagues about how to find a job or gig.

There are many sites out there that I probably haven’t covered but here are some:

Freelance or Gig Sites

More Job Sites and articles that you may find of use.

Some Tips for Job Hunting

  • Get your friends or colleagues and professional recruiters to tell you what they would recommend changing on your resume, cover letters or your job seeking in general
  • I recommend you use Google Reader and subscribe to RSS feeds if available from sites that provide RSS especially if the RSS is broken down by category.
  • Create some canned cover letters ready to attach to your resume for any job that requires you to submit a letter.
  • Try to focus your job search to jobs that you are highly suited to and that are using the right keywords that head hunters or recruiters are looking for.
  • If you are seeking a technical position, more than one page is acceptable (many people think that anything more than one page is too much) so try to condense your most recent 5-years of job experience history to 2 pages total..
  • Some of the sites above allow you to set search agents and multiple resumes.
  • Some of the sites above are not meant for every type of job.
  • Consider volunteering your time to a non-profit that may need volunteer help.

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