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Well it’s been about two weeks since I’ve gotten my Apple iPhone. I must say overall I’m in love with the phone. I say this adamantly because honestly I’ve never been able to say this about any other phone I’ve purchased before. I’ve been a Microsoft Mobile and Pocket PC user for years but with the Microsoft phones and PDAs I’ve also experienced OS issues, had to reboot. I guess I’m used to that with Windows in general!

The hype around the iPhone was not over done, it really is all that. Everyone that’s seen me using the phone is immediately attracted to it, asking a bunch of questions and about the AT&T Plans. Apple predicts 10 million iPhones to be sold in 2008, and they have the right idea especially if they release 2GB Nano-style models so that people can afford a better price point.

Besides being the all-in-one mobile gadget that people have dreamed about in the mobile industry for years, the idea of a truly powerful and useful internet experience is a strategy that Apple and Steve Jobs have been promoting since the hype began. With the touch screen innovation built in surfing the web even on non-mobile designed web sites is fast, easy and intuitive. Within days of launch of the iPhone coders have been releasing stripped down versions of existing services (chat, widgets, rss readers, games, etc.) all using the Safari web browser. Natively compiled applications like Google Maps and Youtube that come packaged with the iPhone are great and people have already gotten around Apple’s lack of a native development SDK by hacking into the file system, writing “Hello World!” apps, tweaking tools to control home screen, ring tones, and more.

Apple’s stock has been doing well but I think over the next year and this coming holiday season you should keep an eye on their metrics.

I’ve been talking to BlackBerry lovers who aren’t keen on the business benefits of the iPhone. But I think in time they will come to see the benefits, especially when more of Google’s services are optimized for the iPhone, native or via Safari. One of my friends said “well I like the BlackBerry scroll wheel, and not having to look at the keyboard to know what I’m doing when I’m driving.” I said “oh ok, good luck with driving and multi tasking on your phone!”.

Email, web, iTunes/music, documents, PDFs, Text Messages, Photo Gallery, Camera, Calendar, World clock, youtube, Google Maps, Weather updates, calculators… you wonder what this list is? This is a list of features I remembered just looking at the pretty, sleek device’s home screen. To add to the iPhone usefulness, check out this clip from Conan O’Brien :

I know this phone won’t be in everyone’s budget just yet, but before you knock the device itself, go to the Apple Store or an AT&T store and play with it. It will change the way you think about communication and mobile phones in general.

Stay Tuned for my essential tools, gadgets, tweaks, hacks and favorite links for the iPhone.

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