Professor proposes theory of unparticle physics

Credit: Benoit Mandelbrot, Fractals. Howard Georgi, a physicist at Harvard University, has recently published a paper on so-called unparticle physics, which suggests the existence of ‘unparticle stuff’ that cannot be accounted for by the standard model. Appearing in a recent edition of Physical Review Letters, the paper says that unparticle stuff would be very different than anything seen before.

Unparticles, but not particles, can fit in a theory that has the property of continuous scale-invariance, which is difficult to visualize. A fractal, like this Koch Curve, is an example of discrete scale-invariance because it looks the same if multiplied by a fixed number. Credit: Benoit Mandelbrot, Fractals.

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New Quantum Communication record : 90 miles

In Spain’s Canary Island chain, researchers from all over Europe generated a polarization-entagled photon pair with the twin sent over an optical free-space link to Tenerife about 144 kilometers (90 mi) away where the Ground Station of the European Space Agency acted as a receiver. Previously 13km was the record on similar experiments. Quantum Entanglement

Quantum entanglement is a property of particles, such as photons, to become entangled with each other, behaving like psychically connected twins. Even at vast distances a disturbance on one affects the other. This was even predicted and labelled “spooky interaction” by Albert Einstein himself.

If this technology continues on these records, we could be seeing satellite-based quantum communication and experiments on quantum physics in space in addition to ubiquitous instantanenous communication across light years. Think of the instantaneous communication in the Star Trek TV shows over many light years.

GeoCommons : Google Maps mash up with Heat Map Technology

If you’re aware of how much technology integration is going on on the web 2.0 sphere, you’ve probably heard the term ‘mash up’ more often than not. If you’re a google maps lover you might find GeoCommons a powerful tool for fun and for business alike. It’s a mash up between Google Maps and Heat Mapping technology (shapes and heatmaps) that maybe marketing folks might be interested in to track where they have more of an audience or it could be used visualize demographic data for school projects. The possibilities are endless and who knows what we’ll see coming out of this intelligent mapping toolkit!
GeoCommons - Google Maps mash up with Heat Map Technology