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The physics missing link ? More dimensions of Time ?!?

With the vast number of physicists attempting to prove String and M-Theory, there are a few who believe the reason why those two theories will prove elusive to confirm is because there are possibly more than one dimensions related to Time. So you’re probably thinking that this is way out there, and I do agree. I try to keep up to date on such scientific news due to the fact that these ideas represent the thoughts of many who believe that there is more than just the laws that we know. In a way Bhuddist scholars and philosophists have been insisting this for long time, like Alan Watts. Understanding things or everything, in my opinion, is the very implication of Bhuddist and other eastern philosophies.

By trying to understand more than just what we see, in a way we come closer to understanding our own nature as in the fact that our own materialistic bodies and objects derive from this universe we live in.

And whether it’s a Bhuddist monk or a world reknowned applied physicists, why shouldn’t we seek to gain knowledge. Gaining knowledge has improved the quality of our lives throughout time, seeking this physical knowledge and even deeper spirituality should be at the core of all of us, regardless of what faith you follow, it’s universally applicable. Hopefully in our own evolution we can seek knowledge in peace and harmony rather than violence and chaos (another core idealogy from eastern philosophies).

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