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How professionals can increase luck surface area for maximizing their career

Crush the Job InterviewCheck out this timely, relevant and quick read Kindle book about how to land and prepare for job interviews — free for Amazon Kindle if you have Prime/Students.

Disclosure – This was released by my younger brother – Usman Uddin.

Good job to Usman for highlighting an important topic that’s more people need to learn to maximize their potential career over time.



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Simplify Positioning For Your Startup, Product or Offer

After getting some web copy positioning advice from a friend and fellow entrepreneur, Steph Hay @steph_hay — co-founder of FastCustomer and mentor at 500 Startups, I decided to brush up and blog about positioning and copywriting for startups to help make my communications a bit sharper and hopefully leading to higher conversions for my business. Startups must position their offer in the market in order to get closer to converting customers.

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Simple Spinnakr WordPress Plugin

I’ve been beta testing’s new service now in private beta.

Spinnakr, founded by #dctech folks @adamsfallen and @mmayernick, allows you to target your website’s visitors to more clicks & conversions for your business goals through analytics and engagement action use cases. Normally, your website looks the same to everyone, but different people are looking for different things. Spinnakr makes it easy to reach and engage the different segments of users — not just analyze them like most people already do.

If you use wordpress, check out this plugin on github

I appreciate your feedback and comments about your usage of the plugin and Spinnakr.

Posted on June 15, 2011 by Startup Metrics for Pirates WordPress Plugin

I’ve been working with a good friend and colleague, Paul Singh, Founder of to beta test his new analytics tracking solution for startups/founders/investors which is based on the metrics standard AARRR from Dave McClure, Founder of 500startups and the guy behind Startup Metrics for Pirates. allows startups to see how they rank against other startups while investors benefit from it the same way.

I threw together this blog post and WordPress plugin based on tracking integration and AARRR standard to save time on applying the code on wordpress sites and to eventually make the plugin seemlessly integrate for all stages of the conversion funnel proposed by AARRR.

So far is working well for me on my sites like and is helping people understand relevant metrics and conversion goals for their websites.

If you’d like to fork this plugin or download it for now I just have it on github. I’ll publish to CODEX if there’s demand for it.

I welcome feedback and kudos to Paul Singh for releasing this analytics app.

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Free Spreadsheet – Rackspace Cloud Infrastructure Hosting Budget Planner

As a web developer and software entrepreneur I often come to rely on Rackspace to support my hosting and infrastructure needs. I’ve also been tweeting and discussing Cloud Computing and it’s benefits.

For the benefit of any nerds, admins, developers, entrepreneurs and CTOs alike, I’ve put together this Google Spread Sheet template to help you forecast your potential hosting budget impact as it relates to your hosting configuration and metered usages.

If you’d like help with this template applied to your business or with your hosting solution, let me know and I’d be glad to help. Also I’ve made this a free template at Google Docs but I welcome feedback and suggestions on improving it.

I hope you will find it as useful as my clients and I do to help forecast costs for your shiny new, contract-free cloud at Rackspace :)

Check out the template and feel free to modify and use it as you please — Rackspace Cloud Infrastructure Hosting Budget Planner

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Mind Map : Cloud Computing for Non-Profits

Over the last few months, I’ve been quite preoccupied with research and development and one of the most common tools I use in my work is Mind Mapping. I was also recently asked to be a guest for #nptalk to chat about Cloud Computing for Non-profits. For the benefit of non-profit leaders and to further my evangelism for non-profits and #nptech, I decided to share this mind map on the very same subject.

This particular mind map may not make sense to every #nptech person out there, regardless I hope you will find it useful.

If you would like any help or advice on cloud computing for your non-profit or business including government, I’d be happy to help, just reach out to me through the blog or contact form.

I plan to release more mind maps on variety of topics for the benefit of interested audiences. I also welcome your feedback and suggestions on mind maps you’d like to see or consider for discussion.
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PHP vs whatever debate – don’t be stupid – create value from your tech

There are countless articles, forums, blogs and other sites that try to either defend or blast PHP for use as a professional language for web development. There are a ton of PHP developers than ever before and there are many great options to choose from in terms of your web development technology.

A good example of these debates are like this one — which I will warn that you not read too much into as well!

Considering PHP is dominant due to it’s default installation with Apache on Linux web servers – the most dominant server distro on the web — this debate could greatly be ‘closed’ if these folks look through a magnifying glass for specific scenarios, or if they look to people that have worked on both sides of the debate — such as me.
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Job and Gig Hunting Tips

Having been a contractor & consultant for many years and knowing many freelancers and other folks just looking for work I figured it might be beneficial for me to share my bookmarks and tips on job hunting in general. Since the recession of 2009 and with 10% unemployment at the time of this post, people need all the opportunities and tips they can get. Although I haven’t had a job in 7 years, there are many times I’ve been asked by friends and colleagues about how to find a job or gig.

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Multiple Domains or sites on a single WordPress mu instance at Rackspace Cloud Sites – when no wildcard needed

After talking to my friends Robert La Gesse from Rackspace Cloud and @vidluther from ThirdPartyCode, I decided messing with domain alias feature of Rackspace Cloud Sites so I could save money from getting a Cloud Server, VPS or slicehost.

If you need to run multiple-separate domains and one base master WordPress template theme with multiple children themes (like what I needed was a product site, 2 blogs, a community and a corporate site) without the need for wildcard subdomains or subfolders per blog/site then running a single instance of code and database on Rackspace Cloud Sites is possible using their domain alias feature.
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